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   10 MEALS

*Delivery Fees Apply*





Invito Personal Chef  offers:

Lifestyle Specific Meal Prep that optimizes your metabolism and complements your regular fitness plan or busy lifestyle.

(Meals are adjusted to specific needs).








Invito Personal Chef provides Lifestyle Specific Meal Prep that supports your nutritional needs. Invito Personal Chef provides high protein, low carb, raw, cleanse, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and alkaline meals, minus the synthetic pesticides, GMO's and artificial ingredients.


 Invito Personal Chef  works to improve your health and your carbon footprint. Invito Personal Chef can assess and identify your risks, needs and problems related to unhealthy eating and nutrition. Your meals are packaged in 7” Environmentally Friendly B.P.A Free plastic containers that are freezer and microwavable safe. 


Invito Personal Chef has over 30 years of Knowledge, Experience and Dedication that is used to develop your Lifestyle Specific Meals. The Busy Professionals, Superstar Athletes, Dedicated Personal Trainers, Health Industry Case Managers and Immobile Seniors all deserve Invito Personal Chef.


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